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Banking is renowned for its fast transaction speed for customer satisfaction and peace of mind. We strive to be the market leader in efficiency and processing speed. Below are list of available domestic deposit banks provided in Singapore. All figures are in Dollar Singapore (SGD)

crownclub banking table

Friendly Reminder

  1. All Deposit and withdrawal processing time are subject to online banking availability The bank account holder name and the registered account name must be identical to ensure successful deposit and withdrawal of funds.

  2. Due to Anti-Money Laundering provisions, withdrawals are only to be paid to individual bank accounts with the same REGISTERED name.

  3. Withdrawals to third party bank accounts are not allowed.

  4. Member is allowed to withdraw THREE (3) times per day.

  5. All Maximum transaction amount is based on daily basis.

  6. Please be inform that large withdrawal amounts might take longer processing time.

  7. We support other local Banks as well so if you have any special request please speak to our customer service representative.

  8. Please refer to our terms & condition for more details

  9. Remember to turn off the block pop-up function of your browser.

  10. Member is required to meet at least ONE (1) time turnover of the deposited amount before withdrawal can be made.

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